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How Technology Is Shaping The Future Of Marketing Infographic

The infographic below from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, "How technology is Shaping the Future of Marketing," highlights the growing usage of mobile technology and how that relates to traffic and ultimately marketing strategies.

Editor’s Note:  The infographic below  from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, “How technology is Shaping the Future of Marketing,” highlights the growing usage of mobile technology (56% of U.S. adults currently use a smart phone) and how that relates to internet traffic (20% of web traffic comes from mobile technology) and ultimately marketing strategies. It’s clear that the future of marketing is in mobile applications, and there is tremendous amount of room to grow; currently, only 46% of companies have mobile applications. On top of the mobile communications, Big Data is providing another opportunity for growth, but 71% of CMOs are unprepared for the data explosion. The implications for insights are clear as the sciences of technology, marketing and insights converge into an integrated whole.


The world of marketing is in a constant state of flux, always on the lookout for the newest trends and opportunities. Technology is certainly providing marketers a lot to think about these days. Old models are gradually making way for new ones and businesses are quick to act on it. Consider these statistics on mobile marketing:

- 46% of companies currently have mobile versions of their websites and 30% are planning to follow suit next year
– 45% of companies are offering a mobile app and 31% will roll out their won within the next 12 months
- 32% of companies offer mobile messaging campaigns
- 25% use mobile ads

Social media is another game changer that businesses have learned to embrace:

- 66% of companies manage their own page on a social networking site
- 59% connect with their customers through micro-blogging sites like Twitter
- 43% host their own online communities
- 45% currently purchase social media ads and 23% intends to do the same next year

The great thing about these technologies is that they provide more personalized data on usage and purchases. This allows marketers to get a clearer picture of what the people want as individuals. This depth of insight can lead to a better relationship between businesses and consumers, leading to higher profits.

- The most successful companies are 3x more focused on improving customer experience
- In a First Tennessee bank case study, better customer targeting produced 600% ROI

Marketers will become increasingly dependent on Information Technology to create their campaigns. Close integration is necessary for successful implementation. With the right tools for data gathering and analytics, marketers may soon be able to know customers so well that they can predict what people want before they want it.

To learn more about how technology is shaping the future of marketing, take a look below at the infographic below created by the New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Online Masters in Business Administration program.

NJIT New Jersey Institute of Technology – Online MBA

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2 Responses to “How Technology Is Shaping The Future Of Marketing Infographic”

  1. Steve Needel says:

    March 17th, 2014 at 4:03 pm

    What’s missing from this infographic is that very few shoppers use their mobile device while shopping, particularly for CPG products. Also, what percentage of people want to receive a targeted message while shopping – lots of studies showing this number is small.

  2. Infografía: Cómo la tecnología está dando forma al futuro del marketing | Futuro Labs says:

    March 17th, 2014 at 7:13 pm

    […] Lea la versión original,aquí […]

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