Growing the Industry by Funding More Research

Welcome to our next post featuring two insights projects currently offered on Collaborata, the market-research marketplace. GreenBook is happy to support a platform whose mission is to fund more research. We believe in the idea of connecting clients and research providers to co-sponsor projects. We invite you to Collaborate!

Collaborata crowd-funds research, saving clients upwards of 90% on each project. We’ve asked Collaborata to feature projects they are currently funding on a biweekly basis.

Collaborata Featured Project #1:

Revealed: The New Female Decision Maker

Purpose: To inspire and inform brands about how to more resonantly connect effectively with the female decision makers of today and tomorrow.

Pitch: The dynamics of the female head-of-household decision maker are quickly evolving. And, the ways in which brands need to communicate with — and speak to — women have forever changed.

This multi-stage learning program will build foundational yet essential knowledge and fully identify the critical components for brands to truly engage the new female decision maker.

Deliverables: Topline summaries after each phase is completed. Final report created in visually forward style, sharing the story with actionable recommendations supported by verbatims; insights video; web-based and in-person presentations available.

Who’s Behind This: Ignite 360 is a premier insights and strategy firm delivering inspiration through empathic storytelling, supported by sound strategy. Results of their projects are often shared at the c-suite level as well as broadly across our client organizations. As one client said “if you want great, you choose Ignite 360!”

To purchase this study or for more info: click here or email

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Collaborata Featured Project #2:

Medical Cannabis: Implications for Prescription Drugs, Health Care, and Consumer Goods

Purpose: To offer fresh insights for key industries impacted by the growth of medical marijuana into the reasons why patients choose cannabis as an alternative or addition to other health-and-wellness products, through an analysis of data from one model state (Illinois).

Pitch: The growing wave of legalization and normalization of cannabis usage has resulted in changing consumer attitudes and behaviors. Patients have begun to swap certain health-and-wellness products for medical marijuana. This trend is at its beginning and its impact on prescription drugs and countless items in the health-and-wellness aisles is only going to grow.

This study uncovers key need states that drive cannabis consumption and impact more than 130-million adults impacted by chronic-pain conditions.

Deliverables: Summary report; web-based presentation. In-person presentations available.

Who’s Behind This: Aclara Research is a team of consulting professionals linking cannabis patient and consumer insights with healthcare research to solve commercial challenges.

To purchase this study or for more info: click here or email

Know someone who would benefit from this project? Head here for a referral link to earn 10% of their spend!

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