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February 1, 2017 Edition

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Lenny Murphy

Happy February!

This month, we're looking forward to IIeX Europe (February 20-21, Amsterdam). With the most client-driven agenda in Europe (including tracks developed by Unilever, Heineken and International Flavors & Fragrances), it's a can't miss event.

Don't miss out on the largest MR innovation event in Europe. Register today!

See you in Amsterdam!

Lenny Murphy
Executive Editor & Producer at GreenBook

From the Blog

8 Human Insight Trends for 2017
by Jim White
The RealityCheck team shares their insight predictions for 2017.

Neuromarketing: Identifying the Fact from the Fiction
by Michelle Niedziela
Neuromarketing has seen its fair share of pseudoscience. How can you determine the real from the fake?

How Brands & Advertisers Benefit from Emerging Data Collection Techniques
by Richard Thornton
Brands and advertisers can benefit like never before from emerging data collection techniques.

What Makes a Great Super Bowl Ad?
by Michael Wolfe
Michael Wolfe shares some hard facts on what makes Super Bowls ads different from other TV ads.

IIeX Europe 2017: Opening Up to Innovation
by Catriona Oldershaw
Catriona Oldershaw from The Insights Distillery gives a preview of their upcoming IIeX EU presentation with Heineken.

How to find the Right Online Qualitative Platform for You
by Katja E. Cahoon
Here are three simple criteria to help you evaluate online qualitative vendors and find the right one for your needs.

How I Beat the Pundits and Predicted a Trump Presidency
by Allan Fromen
Allan Fromen predicted a Trump presidency and out-forecasted all the experts.

Moneyball for Psychology: 'The Undoing Project'
by Dana Stanley
Michael Lewis' new book, The Undoing Project, makes the important work of Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky accessible to non-wonks.

Text Analytics: A Primer
by Kevin Gray and Bing Liu
Marketing scientist Kevin Gray asks Professor Bing Liu to give us a quick snapshot of text analytics.

Trump Ads Won the Election (and what marketers and advertisers can learn from it)
by Parry Bedi & Adhil Patel
The campaign messages of the two candidates played a major role in the outcome of the 2016 Election.

Upcoming Webinars

A New Approach to Rapid Concept Screening, Optimization & Accuracy
Join this webinar and discover how to accelerate your concept development.

Leverage the Power of Mobile to Understand the Customer Journey
Join SSI to learn how to leverage the power of mobile to truly understand the customer journey.

Upcoming Events

IIeX Europe
February 20-21, Amsterdam
With over 100 speakers spread over three forward-looking tracks and 70+ sessions, this is the one event that you simply cannot afford to miss this year.

Insights Marketing Day
February 23, London
Do you believe that better marketing can generate better business results? If so, join us at Insights Marketing Day, a one-of-a-kind event designed to help market research firms do better marketing.

Women in Research
March 7, San Francisco
Join us for happy hour and networking, followed by an interactive discussion on strategies for supercharging your life, your career and your business!

ARF Annual Conference
March 20-21, New York
Unlock advertising insights at The ARF Annual Conference (aka Re!Think). Join us to explore the opportunities and challenges advertisers face today.

Neuromarketing World Forum
March 29-31, London
Themed "Connecting the Dots", the forum will showcase how neuromarketing is used today, how it relates to other consumer findings and how it can improve your understanding of human decision making.

IIeX Health
April 4, Philadelphia
IIeX Health focuses on consumer insights within the healthcare industry. It brings together key stakeholders to share their vision and co-create the future of insights together.

MSMR Alumni Association Marketing Research Conference
April 13, Arlington, TX
This conference is designed to provide continued education, bringing the market research community together to develop relationships, share ideas, motivate our community, and heighten the impact of market researchers everywhere.

TMRE in Focus
May 1-3, Chicago
TMRE in Focus helps you understand how technology can be used, together with your traditional MR skills, to deliver better insights, faster to your customers.

NEMRA 2017 Spring Conference
May 18, Waltham, MA
Share a day of learning, connecting and fun at NEMRA's 2017 Spring Conference.

IIeX North America
June 12-14, Atlanta
IIeX NA 2017 will be three days in Atlanta filled with new thinking, new solutions, and new approaches from the most innovative leaders from around the globe.

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