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March 1, 2017 Edition

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Lenny Murphy

Couldn't make it to IIeX Europe last week?

Be sure not to miss Edward Appleton's recap of the event. Plus, I dug into the 154 Corporate Partner meetings that took place at IIeX EU to see what they can tell us about the commercial interests of research buyers - check it out!

Until next time,

Lenny Murphy
Executive Editor & Producer at GreenBook

From the Blog

The Most In Demand Suppliers At IIeX Europe '17
by Leonard Murphy
A look into what can the IIeX Europe Corporate Partner meetings can tell us about the commercial interests of research buyers.

Neuroscience and Marketing
by Kevin Gray and Nicole Lazar
Marketing scientist Kevin Gray asks Professor Nicole Lazar to give us a brief overview of neuroscience.

McKinsey Makes Their MR Play: What is Periscope by McKinsey & What Does it Mean for the Future?
by Leonard Murphy
Periscope by McKinsey and their new Insights Solutions practice area are moving firmly into the research industry with a next gen offering.

Edward Appleton's Impressions of #IIeX EU 2017
by Edward Appleton
Edward Appleton offers a review of IIeX Europe 2017.

4 Reasons Survey Organizations Choose On-Site Hosting
by Tim Gorham
Why is a portion of the industry sticking with in-house data hosting?

The 5 Second Rule and the Need to Create Instantly Recognizable Visualizations
by Tim Bock
To create visualizations that engage, we must create images that are instinctively recognized as capable of portraying meaning.

Super Bowl 2017 Ad Effectiveness
by Michael Wolfe
How well do Super Bowl ads drive customers to spend money or do some kind of proactive and positive behavior towards the advertised brand?

Twitter Network Analysis: Is Nordstrom at the Center of Resistance?
by Michael Lieberman
Visualization of social networks is now coming online to make sense of Big Data.

Using Palm Trees to Visualize Performance Across Multiple Dimensions
by Tim Bock
Palm tree visualizations perfectly align visual elements with the core underlying structure of the data.

Is London Now the World's Capital for Market Research? Come and Find Out for Yourself.
by Stewart Tippler
The UK's largest market research event, The Insight Show, is celebrating 20 years on March 8-9, 2017 in London.

#MRX Top 10: AI, EQ, and Data Sets Visualized, Breached, and Perfected
by Jeffrey Henning
Of the 5,822 unique links shared on the Twitter #MRX hashtag over the past two weeks, here are 10 of the most retweeted...

Webinar Archive

Leverage the Power of Mobile to Understand the Customer Journey
Join SSI to learn how to leverage the power of mobile to truly understand the customer journey.

How Market Imperatives Drive The Next Generation Of Enterprise Marketing Technology
Discover the factors that drive the marketing technology ecosystem, the future trajectory of enterprise marketing technology development, and how marketers can leverage this technology.

Upcoming Events

Festival of NewMR 2017 - Futuring Friday
March 3, Virtual
Lenny Murphy, Ray Poynter and guests survey the near and middle future for market research.

Women in Research
March 7, San Francisco
Join us for happy hour and networking, followed by an interactive discussion on strategies for supercharging your life, your career and your business!

The Insight Show
March 8-9, London
The Insight Show provides researchers and analysts with the services, knowledge, contacts and inspiration to help develop and deliver your next big projects.

ARF Annual Conference
March 20-21, New York
Unlock advertising insights at The ARF Annual Conference (aka Re!Think). Join us to explore the opportunities and challenges advertisers face today.

Neuromarketing World Forum
March 29-31, London
Themed "Connecting the Dots", the forum will showcase how neuromarketing is used today, how it relates to other consumer findings and how it can improve your understanding of human decision making.

IIeX Health
April 4, Philadelphia
IIeX Health focuses on consumer insights within the healthcare industry. It brings together key stakeholders to share their vision and co-create the future of insights together.

MSMR Alumni Association Marketing Research Conference
April 13, Arlington, TX
This conference is designed to bring the market research community together to develop relationships, share ideas, motivate our community, and heighten the impact of market researchers everywhere.

TMRE in Focus
May 1-3, Chicago
TMRE in Focus helps you understand how technology can be used, together with your traditional MR skills, to deliver better insights, faster to your customers.

2017 Marketing Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
May 11, New York
The Marketing Hall of Fame was established to celebrate brilliance in marketing across all fields and industries. Join us as we celebrate individuals who made outstanding contributions to the field and inspired a new generation of marketers.

NEMRA 2017 Spring Conference
May 18, Waltham, MA
Share a day of learning, connecting and fun at NEMRA's 2017 Spring Conference.

IIeX North America
June 12-14, Atlanta
IIeX NA 2017 will be three days in Atlanta filled with new thinking, new solutions, and new approaches from the most innovative leaders from around the globe.

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