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April 26, 2017 Edition

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Lenny Murphy

As an industry, we've struggled to prioritize the respondent experience.

That's why we are excited to announce the release of the GRIT Consumer Participation in Research (CPR) Report. To create this report, we partnered with a dream team of market research category experts to connect directly with participants about their engagement and satisfaction with the research process.

It's time to bring the participant experience to the forefront, and this report is a key tool to help us do so.

Lenny Murphy
Executive Editor & Producer at GreenBook

From the Blog

Why Most Respondents Don't Like Participating In Research (And What We Can Do About It)
by Leonard Murphy
The newly released GRIT CPR (Consumer Participation in Research) study shows that the majority of research participants are dissatisfied with their experience.

10 Best Practices to Fast Track Your Qual
by Katrina Noelle and Janet Standen
Scoot Insights shares 10 of their Best Practices that allow teams to conduct agile qualitative research without compromising depth or quality of insights.

3 Reasons Why Online Surveys are Better Today Than a Year Ago
by Jim Whaley
There have been many advancements in the evolutionary process of online survey technology and online sampling.

How to Solve the Most Common Data Problems in Retail
by Pauline Brown
The most successful retail companies use data science and predictive analytics to gain customer insights that give them a competitive advantage.

Ever Thought of Researching Ethnic Minorities Online?
by Marie-Claude Gervais
A treasure trove of insights awaits those who have the confidence to give a proper voice to ethnic minorities.

Five Challenges to Overcome for Successful Market Research Online Communities
by Lisa Boughton
There are some potential challenges to overcome with online communities to ensure you generate strong results.

The High Cost of Cheap Sample
by Rob Berger
The fact is, bad or "cheap" sample can give you information that is dead wrong.

The NPS Recoding Trick: The Smart Way to Compute the Net Promoter Score
by Tim Bock
The Net Promoter Score is most people's go-to measure for evaluating companies, brands, and business units. However, the standard way of computing the NPS is a bit of a pain.

#MRX Top 10: Superpowers and the Mad Scientists of MRX
by Jeffrey Henning
Of the 2,663 unique links shared on the Twitter #MRX hashtag over the past two weeks, here are 10 of the most retweeted...

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Webinar Archive

Winning at "Duty Free": Using Behavioral Economics Levers To Influence the Travel Retail Shopper
Join PRS IN VIVO on to learn why behavioral economics holds the key to truly understanding travel retail and driving fundamental changes in shopping behavior.

Online Qual: When Failure is Not an Option
This webinar, hosted by Aha! The Strategic Online Qual Platform, will guide you through methods, tools, and tactics that will help bring your qual studies to life for you, your respondents, and your clients.

Webinar Archive

Beating the Cheaters of Qual and Quant Research
Join the Elevated Insights team to learn to beat the cheaters at every phase of your research project.

Rethink Your Tracker: Get More From Your Tracking System
Learn how to elevate your tracker from isolated measurement to a tool that delivers comprehensive, nuanced understanding of your brand’s place in the market.

Upcoming Events

TMRE in Focus
May 1-3, Chicago
TMRE in Focus helps you understand how technology can be used, together with your traditional MR skills, to deliver better insights, faster to your customers.

Mid-Atlantic Insights Association 2017 Spring Symposium
May 5, Washington DC
This flagship event presented annually by the Mid-Atlantic MRA will bring premiere speakers from around the country to share their expertise on the current state of research.

2017 Marketing Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
May 11, New York
The Marketing Hall of Fame was established to celebrate brilliance in marketing across all fields and industries. Join us as we celebrate individuals who made outstanding contributions to the field and inspired a new generation of marketers.

Women in Research
April 19, Los Angeles
Join us as we celebrate WIRe's 10 Year Anniversary with a big birthday bash in Los Angeles... the birthplace of WIRe! Come enjoy cocktails, nibbles, cake and networking.

NEMRA 2017 Spring Conference
May 18, Waltham, MA
Share a day of learning, connecting and fun at NEMRA's 2017 Spring Conference.

IIeX North America
June 12-14, Atlanta
IIeX NA 2017 will be three days in Atlanta filled with new thinking, new solutions, and new approaches from the most innovative leaders from around the globe.

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