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May 24, 2017 Edition

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Lenny Murphy


Happy Wednesday!

We're only a few short weeks away from IIeX North America (June 12-14 in Atlanta), and we're so excited about what we have in store for you. We've put together 3 days full of our industry's most groundbreaking content, a roster of 150+ world-class speakers, technologies you'll have to experience to believe, and an unbeatable community of innovative insights pros.

Want to join us? Register now.

Lenny Murphy
Executive Editor & Producer at GreenBook

From the Blog

An Insight Professional's Biggest Pain? Creating No Change!
by Martin Silcock
How can the insights professional get organizations to change based on their work?

Living in a Rapid Response World
by Rick West
How do researchers balance big data in a time-starved world to deliver timely insights?

Automated Market Research: Set Me Free
by Stephen Phillips
Stephen Phillips comments on a new automation report from Ray Poynter and what it means for researchers.

4 Design Principles to Help You Build More Actionable Insights
by Ingvald Smith Kielland
What can we learn from design to help better bridge the gap between insights and creation?

Get some GRIT: Perspective on a Research Industry Report
by Sarah Faulkner
Sarah Faulkner shares a few highlights from the most recent GRIT Report along with some color-commentary from her own experiences.

Generating Accurate Audience Data: Publishers' Secret Weapon in Competition with Facebook and Google?
by Kevin Gianatiempo
To succeed in attracting advertising spend, publishers need to drastically expand their ability to provide self-declared data.

Marketing Research + Digital Data = Amazing Results. PROVEN
by Joel Rubinson
Integrating digital data is an insights industry buzz, but does it really add value?

I'm Done Talking to Consumers
by Jim Chastain
The marketing world would be better off if we all focused more on humans than consumers.

When Facts Don't Matter to Your Audiences, Can Connecting on an Emotional Level Really Work?
by Lee Carter
Are facts or emotions the best tool in brand messaging?

Ranking Plots: Illustrating Data with Different Magnitudes
by Tim Bock
A Ranking Plot is particularly useful for comparing data that differs in magnitude.

#MRX Top 10: The Evolution of Happiness, Baby Boomers, and Mobile Research
by Jeffrey Henning
Of the 3,064 unique links shared on the Twitter #MRX hashtag over the past two weeks, here are 10 of the most retweeted...

Webinar Archive

The Why Behind the What: Using Customer Insights to Create More Relevant Content
Discover how Google Surveys makes it easy to get insights into what your customers are doing and thinking, and how to turn these insights into better content.

Webinar Archive

The Top Ten Trends In Marketing Research
Learn what the top ten trends in market research are and discover how they will affect your future.

Remesh: An Authentic Approach to Modern Research
Join Remesh for a new perspective on authenticity in research.

Upcoming Events

Women in Research
May 25, Chicago
Join WIRe in Chicago this spring for cocktails, bites, networking and an exciting workshop to Unlock Your Inner Super Powers.

The Rise of the Robots: Big Data & The 10 Most Common Analytics Missteps You Want to Avoid
June 8, New York
Join AMA New York for an interactive discussion of the most common marketing research analytics mistakes and what can be done to avoid them. Current GreenBook listers receive a registration discount.

IIeX North America
June 12-14, Atlanta
IIeX NA 2017 will be three days in Atlanta filled with new thinking, new solutions, and new approaches from the most innovative leaders from around the globe.

Sentiment Analysis Symposium
June 27-28, New York
The Sentiment Analysis Symposium is the first and best conference to address the business value of sentiment, opinion, emotion, and intent in online, social and enterprise data.

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Featured Video
Featured Video

Featured Video: Millennial Family Passion Points - From Category Insights to Human Insights

George Carey (The Family Room, LLC)
The greatest family marketing comes from human insights, not category insights.

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