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July 5, 2017 Edition

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Lenny Murphy

Happy 4th of July to our friends in the United States!

We are celebrating the holiday by sharing a special edition of the GreenBook Newsletter featuring our most-read articles from the first half of 2017. Be sure not to miss the most popular article so far this year: The Giant That Was Greenfield Online.

Until next time,

Lenny Murphy
Executive Editor & Producer at GreenBook

From the Blog

The Giant That Was Greenfield Online
by Matt Dusig
How the tentacles of the former sampling behemoth still survive today.

8 Human Insight Trends for 2017
by Jim White
The RealityCheck team shares their insight predictions for 2017.

McKinsey Makes Their MR Play: What is Periscope by McKinsey & What Does it Mean for the Future?
by Leonard Murphy
Periscope by McKinsey and their new Insights Solutions practice area are moving firmly into the research industry with a next gen offering.

John Kearon Unveils System1 Group
by Leonard Murphy
John Kearon unveils BrainJuicer's new brand and explains their thinking behind the rebrand.

The Future of Research is not AI but IA
by Stephen Phillips
IA puts humans in control and leverages computing power to amplify our capabilities.

Why Most Respondents Don't Like Participating In Research (And What We Can Do About It)
by Leonard Murphy
The GRIT CPR (Consumer Participation in Research) study shows that the majority of research participants are dissatisfied with their experience.

The Tragic Tale of Research Participants
by Melanie Courtright
In parallel to the GRIT report, Research Now partnered with ESOMAR to conduct a uniquely expansive survey into the public perception of the market research industry.

The Three Generations of Social Listening & Analytics Tools
by Michalis Michael
What differentiates the more than 1,000 social media monitoring tools that are currently available?

Text Analytics: A Primer
by Kevin Gray and Bing Liu
Marketing scientist Kevin Gray asks Professor Bing Liu to give us a quick snapshot of text analytics.

The Most In Demand Suppliers At IIeX Europe '17
by Leonard Murphy
A look into what the IIeX Europe Corporate Partner meetings can tell us about the commercial interests of research buyers.

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Webinar Archive

Gen Z: Immense Buying Power, But Know Their Playbook
Join Focus Pointe Global to learn how to engage with Gen Z, the generation that has grown up with a smart phone in their hands.

How to Generate Direct Revenue from Your Marketing Program
Can we actually move marketing from the cost line of the financials to the revenue line? Learn how you can transform your marketing organization into a true profit center.

A New Methodology for Integrating Quantitative Applied Neuroscience and Cognitive Research
Join HCD Research on July 20 to discover a new methodology for combining quantitative applied neuroscience and cognitive research.

Webinar Archive

The EU General Data Protection Regulation: Are You In The Know?
Are you prepared to field research in Europe once the EU GDPR becomes law in May 2018?

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