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July 19, 2017 Edition

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Lenny Murphy

What is the state of diversity in our industry?

GreenBook has partnered with Women in Research to conduct a unique survey to investigate differences throughout the research and marketing measurement industry. Your participation will greatly help us to understand the diversity of work and people in our field. Take the survey now.

Till next time,

Lenny Murphy
Executive Editor & Producer at GreenBook

From the Blog

A New View On The MR Landscape: RFL 2017 "Global Top 50 Research Organizations"
by Leonard Murphy
RFL Communications, Inc. has released its third annual "Global Top 50 Research Organizations" ranking based on 2016 revenue results.

3 Best Practices For Digital Marketing In The Market Research Space
by Nicole Burford
Nicole Burford shares how to build an effective digital strategy in the research space.

6 "Back to Basics" Steps Researchers Should Practice
by Brian Lamar
Despite the many buzz topics in MR, it's important to focus on strong fundamentals.

Old-School Crosstabs: Obsolete Since 1990, but Still a Great Way to Waste Time and Reduce Quality
by Tim Bock
Researchers can use statistical tests to automatically screen tables.

Sampling: A Primer
by Kevin Gray and Stas Kolenikov
Though it doesn't get a lot of buzz, sampling is fundamental to any field of science.

The Top 50 Most Innovative Research Suppliers of 2017
by Leonard Murphy
An excerpt of the most recent GRIT Report with the perennial favorite "GRIT 50" ranking.

Results Of The Insights Innovation Competition at IIeX NA 2017
by Leonard Murphy
A review of the Insights Innovation Competition for IIeX NA 2017 and the big reveal of the winner of this round.

#MRX Top 10: Best Practices for Information Security, Digital Marketing, Incentives, and Predictions
by Jeffrey Henning
Of the 2,831 unique links shared on the Twitter #MRX hashtag over the past two weeks, here are 10 of the most retweeted...

Webinar Archive

A New Methodology for Integrating Quantitative Applied Neuroscience and Cognitive Research
Join HCD Research on July 20 to discover a new methodology for combining quantitative applied neuroscience and cognitive research.

The Power of Real-Time Consumer Insights: A Mobile Case Study
Join Prodege MR and Voxpopme on July 27 at 1 PM ET to learn how to leverage mobile technology to gain real-time consumer insights.

Webinar Archive

Gen Z: Immense Buying Power, But Know Their Playbook
Join Focus Pointe Global to learn how to engage with Gen Z, the generation that has grown up with a smart phone in their hands.

How to Transform Market Research Reports into State-of-the-Art Dashboards
Join Dapresy to learn how you can transform your market research reports into actionable insights to improve your overall business.

Upcoming Events

Women in Research
July 25, Cincinnati
Join WIRe in Cincinnati for happy hour this summer! Come 'Power Up' for an evening of networking and nibbles with your new Cincinnati community of researchers.

IIeX Latin America
September 27-28, Buenos Aires
Showcasing visionaries, influencers, and change agents from around the world and especially in Latin America, IIeX explores the implications of new technologies and methodologies transforming insights.

IIeX Attribution Accelerator
October 12, New York City
IIeX Attribution Accelerator is a unique forum designed and curated entirely by industry experts to quicken the pace of innovation, fortify the science, and galvanize the industry toward new solutions.

IIeX Applied Behavioral Science
November 7-8, Chicago
IIeX Applied Behavioral Science is designed to keep your business one step ahead of the curve by implementing the most cutting-edge technology and tools in the insights arena.

IIeX Europe
February 19-20, Amsterdam
IIeX was designed to introduce you to the new ideas changing the world of insights, provide practical trainings and learning sessions to help you develop new skills, and connect you with other innovative MR pros.

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Featured Video

Featured Video: Sourcing Research Participants: Opening the Black Box...or Pandora's Box

Melanie Courtright (Research Now) & Roddy Knowles (Research Now)
With so much focus on data collection tools and methods, are we losing sight of where research participants come from and why it matters?

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