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The Birth Of A New ARF Forum: Research As A Business Tool – An Interview With David Rabjohns

Posted by Leonard MurphyWednesday, October 19, 2011, 5:59 am 1 Comment
One of my favorite LinkedIn Groups is the ARF Group; it is always a great place for cutting edge content, great discussions, and news on all of the new things the ARF is doing to help lead the industry. Recently I noticed a new discussion thread being run by David Rabjohns on the topic of "Research as a business tool", and was intrigued by such a simple but important topic: how does market research really create business impact? It's such a core question, but one that I think is often overlooked in industry discussions. It's so important that David is heading up a new ARF Forum on the topic, and I am thrilled to see that happening.
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