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The Future of Market Research Debate: Getting From Here To There

Posted by Leonard MurphyMonday, May 16, 2011, 13:18 pm 2 Comments
Last Thursday I participated in a webinar debate on the "Future of Market Research", hosted by Vision Critical. I was joined on the panel by Laura Davies, Vision Critical's Senior Vice President and Bryan Dorsey, Manager of Online Research at John Deere. You can find a complete recording of the debate here. Laura and Bryan are incredibly brilliant research professionals and outshone me 1000%; it's well worth the time to listen to it and hear the great insights they had to offer. What struck me after the debate was two things: first, how much in alignment we were overall on the current state of the industry and where we are likely going, and secondly how far we still have to go to get there.
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Check-ins And Badges…Where We’re At And Where We’re Going

Posted by Prashant HariTuesday, February 8, 2011, 11:34 am 3 Comments


By Prashant Hari

One of the main reasons I initially started my blog site Social Wizz was to blog about my and experiences in Social Media. It’s now evolving into a futurists lair….a prediction market of it’s own where I …

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