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The Top 12 Most Important Considerations When Choosing a Tablet CAPI Vendor

Posted by Chen SassonMonday, April 25, 2016, 7:00 am 3 Comments
As more and more market research firms are transitioning from PAPI paper-based surveys to using tablets for offline CAPI, multiple vendors have started offering solutions to provide this capability. Here are 12 important things to consider when choosing a tablet CAPI vendor.
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World’s Worst Questionnaire Design

Posted by Ron SellersTuesday, August 9, 2011, 5:46 am 9 Comments
I just completed a survey (as a respondent). I honestly have no idea how the client is going to get any valid data from the mish-mash of garbage I just had to wade through in order to complete the study. As a respondent, I felt this was a frustrating abuse of my time. As a researcher, I felt this was a frustrating abuse of our industry. There is enough of this nonsense going on in research that it’s time we stand up and call out the worst offenders, and use them as examples of what not to do. Because it’s hurting the end users of the research, and it’s hurting the professionals who actually know and care what they’re doing.
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