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Lead Up To The IIR TDMR: Interview With John Williamson of Qualvu

Posted by Leonard MurphyTuesday, April 12, 2011, 9:05 am No Comments
I have not had the pleasure of meeting John, but I've been following Qualvu since their launch and have always kept their platform as one of the weapons in my arsenal when working with clients. Qualvu is a company that has persevered, refined their model and technology continuously, and has now emerged as a leader in redefining how we think about qualitative research. As more researchers have embraced online and mobile methods, Qualvu has not rested on their laurels but instead has co0ntinued to pioneer new ways to change the game for all stakeholders in the research value chain. I am impressed with John, the company he has built, and the vision he has of the future: I think you will be too.
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