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We Should Adopt Open Data, With Caution

Posted by Neil SeemanSunday, March 2, 2014, 20:04 pm 2 Comments
We believe making data free and open needs to be guided to ensure high impact and meaningful engagement. Guided engagement can play a part in defining a critical set of questions that need to be answered.
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Choosing A Position: Navigating The Tightrope Of The Personal Brand

Posted by Ray PoynterMonday, July 9, 2012, 6:44 am 5 Comments
As somebody who is often lucky enough to speak at an event, interview somebody, or write a blog piece I am often asked about how I decide what position to take. Do I think I should be polemical, or constructive, or argumentative? I think the key thing is context, what is my role in the particular situation and what are my views about the topic. However, here are some general thoughts on what I tend to do instinctively.
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Does (Panel) Size Matter?

Posted by Leonard MurphyTuesday, December 6, 2011, 15:24 pm 4 Comments
Most sample companies market themselves according to panel size, quality of respondent data, variety of the traffic sources and customer service excellence. We announce the size of our panels to show scale, and to impress clients. It’s how the industry has defined success over the past decade; however I want to offer up another metric for your consideration: traffic.
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In Defense Of Transparency

Posted by Leonard MurphyTuesday, November 8, 2011, 17:07 pm 5 Comments
Some people just have way too much time on their hands and it never ceases to amaze me how many people would rather try to tear things down than help build a better future together. I also really hate politics, back biting, rumor mongering, character assassination, innuendo, and being overly competitive. All of that stuff is just draining and unproductive. It's come to my attention that some folks in the industry are engaging in those activities regarding GRIT and the Insights Innovation Competition. I believe that both GreenBook, the various partners involved in those initiatives, and I have strived for full transparency, but apparently the message hasn't gotten through. So, in order to take away the energy of these negative practices and make room for more productive activities I'm going to set the record straight yet again. I'll be as brief as I can, I promise.
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Where Does the Buck Stop Again?

Posted by Ron SellersThursday, March 3, 2011, 6:26 am 10 Comments
When the field center tells me they’re comfortable that the questionnaire is 15 minutes long, and in the field it’s actually 23 minutes, who should be responsible for the inaccuracy of their estimate (or the unexpected length of the actual questionnaire)? I would love to hear your take on this, because I honestly don’t know.
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