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From Collectors to Curators: How Market Research Can Maintain Relevance

Posted by Leonard MurphyThursday, June 23, 2011, 16:29 pm No Comments
Nick Palmer of Hall & Partners | Open Mind has a fantastic piece in the June edition of the Australian Market & Social Research Society newsletter titled From collectors to curators. Similar to the post from Tom Anderson a few weeks ago, it's simply too good not to post here as well. Nick nails the argument that competitive pressure from new technologies combined with a fundamental shift in client business needs and realities means that market research has to evolve in order to stay relevant. Regular readers know that this is a common theme for myself and others here at the GreenBook blog, and it's gratifying to hear the message being reiterated from so many thought leaders in the global industry. It appears that it is sinking in, and watching what happens next is going to be very interesting indeed! Enjoy this new contribution to the debate from Nick Palmer; I know it will make you think.
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